WPLMS vs LifterLMS : LMS plugin comparison 2018

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Nowadays, LMS supplements have become a necessary part of all online training websites. WPLMS, LearnDash, LifterLMS, and so on. We have the best LMS to help us. But you chose only one. So, who do you choose, a difficult question about the experience of each and every one of its features? Today I will guide you through the comparison of LifterLMS with WPLMS, so you can have a better view of the two LMS attachments.


Overall: So far the best LMS extensions. With a lot of add-ons, features and user-friendly UI, beautiful themes, WPLMS has found place 1. Free and always will be like this. What’s more, the “free playable” version will give you almost all the tools you need to build your incredible learning site. Education You can buy it at a lower price because it is integrated into many great themes like WP, Lesson Builder, Book Creator. Coaching with WP and eLearning WP.You got the theme, you got our plugins, around $ 64-69 for both. How cool! In addition, WPLMS customer service is a fast and always-welcome idea and contribution to help learners learn better.



Overall: Very good LMS extensions with features such as membership profiles and students as well as other basic features. LifterLMS also has a simple interface for faster user usage. In addition, they listen to customers and create new attachments on demand. There is potential at one point, but the crazy price policy destroys it. You can try the trial version for 1 day with a 1-day test for 30 days. Then you can choose to go home or not. Subscription fees are “in-game” attachments that are around $ 300- $ 800 per year.


In addition, the mobile answer function will make the learning platform light and easily accessible from the mobile. This helps students learn anywhere with their phone. In addition, prerequisites can be defined for each course to follow student learning as well as integrated multi-lesson functionality. Both WPLMS and LifterLMS supports many e-commerce add-ons such as PayPal, STRIPE, WooCommerce, 2CheckOut. Thus, payments on your site will be flexible for users.


Overall,WPLMS is the best LMS plugin for WordPress. With some new functions like LifterLMS, student profiles, acquisitions and Done For You Service, good, potential and easy to use. But it lacks communication skills, multi-teacher support, superior supervision over LMS and integrated features to the theme. Plus, LifterLMS empties as fast as how your friends have forgotten the debts. On the contrary, with LearnPress you only have to pay for lifetime usage once. Thanks to the support of BbPress and BuddyPress, users, along with forums and feedback system, send their opinions and free ideas about the new features that need to be developed in the plugin. At Vibethemes the contributions are valuable and devs are always grateful to them. Do not hesitate to communicate and let them listen to you.

WPLMS vs LifterLMS, my choice WPLMS because WPLMS is the best WordPress LMS what do you think of you?


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