Why study Philosophy?


Philosophy is one of the best-known humanities careers. However, it does not usually have many students and even fewer graduates; the reason for this is, in part, due to ignorance about the areas of development of its professionals, poor employment expectations and the discontent of the parents of the students. Therefore, the objective of this article will be to give a better perspective to those who feel interested in this wonderful area of ​​knowledge.

  1. Act in favor of a society with ethics

As a starting point, it is difficult to say that the foundations of a developed country can be laid without ethics, which should serve as a fundamental pillar of an organized nation. On the other hand, philosophy is the study of reality as a whole and the tireless search for truth. How could a society be conceived without it?

The philosopher fulfills a fundamental task in the instruction and development of ethics. Although it sounds complicated, the university can be a good starting point, through cooperation projects between faculties. This in order to provide students, in all areas, with necessary notions about values, politics, State, etc.

  1. Fit in the business and political environment

Going to the most technical subjects. The philosophers have had great place in the coaching and organization business. With enough practice, these professionals can consistently offer their knowledge to help have more complete, happy and productive workers in many areas.

The philosophy schools also offer studies on aesthetics and logic. These materials help to achieve harmony, coherence and good appearance of the company, to match your expectations. Resulting in a good area of ​​unfolding for the philosopher.

For its part, the philosophy of praxis studies the policy in depth. The philosophers investigate the first causes of the ideological currents, which can give rise to advisors very appreciated in the area. These professionals can work independently for political parties or the State.

  1. Complement it with other careers

Many careers have a greater curricular weight if they are complemented with a degree in philosophy, some examples are:


A lawyer with a philosophy degree can be an excellent professional in the areas of Constitutional, Procedural, among others.

The pure sciences

Philosophy is the mother of science, therefore, a scientist who manages it will have a better base and will be a more complete researcher.

The pedagogy

The pedagogy syllabus contain several subjects of philosophy in their academic load, showing the importance of it for teachers.

As a conclusion, it is not necessary to let yourself be suggested by the employability studies. A professional focused on their aspirations will always have a place in the work environment.

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