Why boarding school is a good idea for a kid


It is said that in a nuclear family parents mostly try to send their child to a boarding school. Not only is nuclear family the sole concern of sending the children to a boarding school. These days’ parents are so busy with their own work and office jobs that they hardly get any time to look after their kid’s studies and their extracurricular activities. These sums up to be major reasons for finding a proper boarding school and sending their child there.

But before zeroing down to one school, one needs to do some basic research about the school. Make a list of girl’s boarding schools in Dehradun, if you have a daughter and want to send her to a girl’s school.

  • The first thing that one needs to check is the teaching faculty of the school. Boarding school means your child will be staying there and only the appointed teachers will be teaching them and helping them inside and outside the class. Boarding school means there will be no option of attending a coaching class if a student is weak in a subject. If they are lacking behind in anything then only the school teachers will be able to help them. So the parents need to check whether the teachers are proficient in their subjects and are also helping and caring enough for their students.
  • Then comes the infrastructure of the school and the hostel. You are sending away your child there and so you must know how their second house will be. Check out the school building and the classrooms there. Also check the hostels where you child is going to stay for the entire day apart from the school hours. So one needs to check the dormitories, the sleeping arrangements, toilets and the kitchens and see whether they are clean enough and hygienic or not.

There are some particular advantages of sending your child to a boarding school. These aspects will be missing if you send your child to a regular day school.

  • Boarding school students live in a strict discipline and decorum. So they always focus better on their studies. They stay away from regular distractions like televisions, cell phones, video games which are very common if they stay in their house. In boarding schools, these things are strictly not allowed and so all the distractions are limited. So this helps the students to perform better in academics as they are more focused to studies and other constructive things.
  • Due to a lot of strict disciplines a boarding school student becomes habitual of waking up early and going back to sleep early on a daily basis. Also they get used to do their own work like making their beds, washing their clothes and others on their own. This makes them more self sufficient and independent.

There are many cbse girls boarding school in Dehradun which one can consider for sending their child. This will make sure about their bright future and will make them more responsible.


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