Top 5 Career options after MBA Degree

Top 5 Career options after MBA Degree

An MBA degree is very prestigious for a bright career. Many students choose to make their career in MBA, because of its huge scope. There are several types of MBA, like in marketing, sales, Human resource, finance, accounts etc. you can choose your career according to your interest. Many reports show that over 90% MBA graduates are well employed and earn a good amount of salary package. Before taking any decision it is important for you to choose a right career path for you. Understand the future scope and education needed for every field.

  1. Banking and finance: You can get the job in the banking sector and in any other industry. There are many insurance companies, Security firms, and various financial organizations which offer the jobs to financer and accountant post to fresher candidates. For getting jobs in banks and finance department you need to clear your MBA in Finance. Annual salary may vary according to the job post.
  2. Human resource: Human resource is a very demanding career option and provides job opportunities in different organizations. Many IT or MNC’s companies also offers the best opportunity to candidates who have completed their MBA in Human resource department. Demand for HR is very much high as compared to any other field. The annual salary of experienced HR is around 4, 00, 000 to 5, 00, 000 rupees.
  3. Sales: If you have done your degree in sales then you can work in any sales management department. They can work as a sales manager or assistant in companies, factories, and offices. The sales department plays a very important role and that is why career scopes in sales department are very vast. In this, you can earn RS. 3, 00, 000 to 4, 00, 000 annually
  4. Marketing: The scope of MBA in marketing is very high and considered as one of the oldest disciplines of management study. If you are good in the promotion, advertisement and know the marketing trend then marketing is the best career option for you. In marketing, anyone can easily earn up to 30k to 40k at the initial level. You can get the position of brand manager, marketing manager, Market research analyst, product manager and many more.
  5. Information System management: An, MBA in Information Systems requires a more technology-focused candidates. There is a huge demand of the candidates for this kind of jobs in the market. These candidates identify fresh and up-to-date technologies to serve an organization better.

These are some of the top demanding career options which you can choose after MBA. Except all these you can make your career as business development executive, Data analytics, Management consulting, Stock marketer and operations managers. After completion of an MBA degree start applying for the Banking Jobs, HR Jobs, Finance Jobs, Accounts jobs through the online job portals. Be aware of every new job vacancy to grab the best opportunity before it’s gone.

The usual reasons behind choosing MBA by many candidates these days are:More reputed position in the market

  • More promotion in your job
  • Easily open your own startups business.
  • Higher salary package
  • More job availability
  • Better job in both government and private sectors

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