How to Select the Right Classes in College?


College and university life is quite different as compared to the high school tenure, where students typically stroll through and complete their classes. As for degree programs, students are required to undergo a series of considerations ranging from choosing the right major to selecting the right learning strategies.

As for this discussion, we are going to talk about some fundamental aspects on how to select the right classes in college, helping students getting settled in their major and college life as quickly as possible.

  1. Take a class that expands your interests

Apparently, you will cater all the requirements pertaining to your major and courses in each semester along with the distribution requirements in the first two years of your program. Besides that, students should also consider taking a course that nourishes their personal interests, for example, cooking, calligraphy, gymnastics, etc.

Due to the globalization impacting the education industry visibly, we are experiencing several disciplines merging or depending on other majors at college and university level education. For example, students majoring in STEM education are required to acquire exposure in humanities and social sciences, and so on. Generally speaking, they are also expected to become sufficiently versed in technology and several digital tools. This is why you should consider taking a course each semester apart from the core ones in your degree program.

  1. Talk to other students about the courses and teachers

Talking to other or older students about the dynamics of your program and type of faculty in your campus is always a valuable outlet of information. Do remember that the most challenging courses are often taught by the best teachers. If you get an opportunity to take a course (outside your major), a title that might come with only a pass/fail option and won’t consume much of your time and effort invested in your core courses, take it without giving a second thought.

  1. Prefer taking teachers, not courses

The subject material in each course is intact that you must learn no matter what, but the approach taken by the teacher to teach the course is an option that students must realize. In other words, prefer classes from teachers who know how to apply a highly engaging and interactive teaching style and whose passion for a quality learning can be visibly seen. Not only the current semester, but such teachers have the charisma of uplifting the mood and performance of the students for their entire academic tenure.

  1. Prefer teachers who are inclined to help you out of the classroom

Your teacher might be a brilliant “teacher”, but not necessarily a great “educator” too, someone who is willing to help his or her students in honing their life skills and overall personal development.

If not through a course, try to connect with such teachers outside the classroom who will happily talk to you about your short- and long-term goals, career development plans and vision, and extracurricular activities. Not only for providing suggestions, but such connections can also be used for valuable future references.

  1. No teacher is the best teacher for every student

Generally speaking, the best teachers are mostly those who expect the students to come prepared before each class, stay disciplined, complete the minimum attendance, and perform well in both coursework and exams. Besides that, the best teachers will also educate the students on how to accomplish their both in- and out-of-the-class goals.

Still, it is not a rule that the teacher you prefer for your personal and academic development will also be same choice for the student sitting next to you. The point is, each of us has our unique goals that may or may not comply with the preferences of even our family and friends, let alone expecting everyone in the class to chant the same name. And when it comes to selecting the right class, it all goes down to the fact that choose teachers that align well with your goals and mindset.

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