MS Excel a versatile tool for business- Check the employees’ excellence over it!!

MS Excel a versatile tool for business-

It is seen that every business whether big or small has seen a drastic change in its working with the advancement and usage of computers. Earlier the records of the business that were created on paper have taken the shape of spread sheets and are filed electronically instead of files in the cupboards. This has led to a rapid change in both the pace and management of checking the functioning of every business. For such reasons, many companies do take some ms excel assessment test of their employees to know about their capability and potential regarding the computers. Through this speed and acceptability, every business is using tests with certain software to check the knowledge of their staff which also assists in having a very computer savvy staff recruited for the job.

Benefits of using MS excel in companies- With the modernized world and computer friendly environment, it is seen that computers do keep a proper track of records maintained in order with limiting the time and errors required in extracting the data. Thus, the companies that are using the MS excel and spread sheets can use them for many purposes like-

    • Storage of data in order- The Ms excel spread sheet is best for storing and retrieving the data whenever required. The grid format of rows and columns makes it very easy to understand the things in deeper and clear prospects. These Excel offer many tools like the columns and pie charts, etc. for calculating the various trends, deciphering the overall profits, creating numerical formats and visual data. One can easily turn a spread sheet of numbers into a pie chart, bar diagram, etc. Companies can store any text-based data such as client lists, employee data and mailing lists.

  • Working Together The advent of the new Excel Web App one can now work on spread sheets simultaneously with other users. This improves their ability to work together and enhances the ability to streamline all processes and allows for ‘brainstorming’ sessions with large sets of data so managed on the spread sheets.
  • Perform several administrative functions- The documents so created in the Ms Word and excel can be used to perform several distinctive functions like; typing letters, memos, notices, fax cover sheets and envelopes for mailing or distribution purposes.
  • Investigate and research purposes– There are companies that often investigate and research all possible business or production models in “what-if” scenarios, where they illustrate comparisons among pricing structures, the cost of doing business in different markets or geographical locations or the cost of producing next year’s holiday products through different manufacturers and so on. It is with the help of excel they can store and calculate the data as directed using existing or new data.

Thus, every company using the assessment tests for knowing about the excellence levels of their employees can avail a number of benefits in their business functionality. There are many companies proving assessment test packages where the built in system tests software are available to use them for the company while their recruitment process.


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