Know How to Manage Anxiety During Exam Preparation

Know How to Manage Anxiety During Exam Preparation

When you are preparing for a prestigious competitive exam like the UPSC paper; no matter how hard you try, there can be anxious moments. To say that you are immune to anxiety will be an overstatement. However, there are still ways to manage anxiety or avoid anxious thoughts.

We discuss how an individual preparing for the exam must deal and necessarily protect himself from anxiety. Anxiety leads to feelings of negativity, self-doubt and stress. It means loss of productivity, interest and concentration during the exam preparation. Now, you don’t want to lose time when you are on such a critical personal mission, so, let us help you with few tips.

  1. Start with a gradual approach

A competitive exam like the UPSC CSE can make anybody nervous and jittery with its preparation. There is such a vast syllabus to be covered. Couple it with the fact that you need to be preparing every day. There is no complacency since you need to know as much as you can. Still, don’t fret.

To be able to prepare adequately, prioritise your day to add more meaning to your study routine. The best thing to do is mark the topics which you need to cover in a day. If you pick up English to study in a day, make sure you know which part of the subject you need to dedicate time to, today, and how much you need to cover it in the same day. There is no point trying to mug up 1000 words in a day. So, be realistic and start with small goals to improve your vocabulary. In the beginning, be at ease with yourself.

  1. Set up small, achievable targets

After a short warm-up period, start putting things in order. Remember, the syllabus is vast, and even if you don’t have to study everything in detail, it is still important to set your goals to achieve as much as possible in a logical way. So, set new goals for each day and try to better your performance every day. Stretch your limits but don’t go beyond the limits. This way, you can achieve more and if anxiety still strikes you, tell yourself that I am doing more than the previous day.

  1. Maximise your resources

There are times when we cannot understand a topic or feel fatigued from studying in a particular way. The best way to deal with anxiety creeping into our minds is to bring in versatility. If you don’t feel like studying alone, join a virtual classroom to interact with other students preparing for the same examination. This way you are still preparing and doing so, by releasing your anxiety and finding more answers to the problems.

4, Talk to an expert, a teacher and other students

Another good idea is to start talking to an expert. You will love the way they will give you tips to study or the way they will answer your subject queries. It instantly opens your mind, and you will be surprised to learn how prepared you are when you start interacting with others.

5, Don’t let your study routine drive you

If it’s your personal ambition to be an IAS officer, for example, then you should feel it from the inside. Never let your dream drive you, instead, you drive it yourself. Always feel confident in your professional choice and work towards it. The approach should be inward to outwards and not inverted. When you can see the long-term picture, you will naturally and instinctively be able to handle the stress and the sudden bouts of anxiety.

In all, don’t let anxiety or worry rule your mind; instead, you rule the game.


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