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Top schools in Gurgaon

A good school is what every parent look for their children. They are the foundation stone in your child’s life. A child start socializing through schools only. It becomes really difficult to choose the correct school for your dear child. After all he will be spending a large part of his day at school and you cannot afford if he or she doesn’t get the perfect environment to learn and to grow as an independent personality. Though every parent have their own criteria of selecting a perfect school for their children, but there are fewparameters that are quite standard when we are out to search for schools.

We got suggestions from our friends and neighbors regarding schools. It is their perspective about a particular school. You should listen to those suggestions also but it is important that you broaden your perspective and think loud. When there are many choices then why not to explore them? It is wise to look for the following attributes in the best schools in Gurgaon.

  1. Infrastructure: the school’s infrastructure plays very important role while you decide o a particular school. Think about not so well ventilated classes where your child is stuffed with other children. Creativity needs lots and lots of fresh air. The classes should be properly ventilated along with proper lighting. Apart from classrooms look for play grounds, libraries and other amenities. More the amenities, more exposure your child will have in these early days of his life which are quite crucial.
  2. Trained staff: apart from infrastructure also look for good and trained teachers in the schools. Talk to the known parents from the school. Ask about the teachers, their behaviors toward students. Enquire from school about regular training of teachers. Teachers are building blocks of any school. In today’s world of uncertainties, it has also become important that a school has trained helping staff also. The maids, conductors and peons should have their police verification. These are small things but worth considering.
  3. Reputation: check the background of the school. Meet your friends and neighbors, talk to them about schools in the area. Check on the reputation of the school. The reputation of the school speaks a lot about it.
  4. Students per class: ratio of students per class is also very vital while selecting a school. A good teacher student ratio is 1: 20. The teacher is able to concentrate and co relate with every child if the number of student per class is less than 25. Otherwise it becomes quite difficult for them to look at your child’s strength.

Top schools in Gurgaon do possess these attributes. And it is possible to find the ideal school by being little attentive. Firstly shortlist the schools in your area. Then do visit the schools to find more about them. Visiting a school is the best way to know more about the school. Make an informed decision and do not join the herd. Your decision is definitely going to affect your child’s life directly.


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