Experiences in Online Proctoring

Experiences in Online Proctoring

Once you are done studying for a specific certification and feel absolutely ready to showcase your knowledge on the subject, going to an approved testing center to appear for the exam feels like a pain sometimes. Especially in a case where the corporate testing hub is extremely far from your place.

With our busy schedules and stressful jobs, it becomes troublesome to travel long distances for giving an exam. You might even have to stay overnight in a hotel if the center is in another town that makes you lose time and productivity. It is also very common to feel test anxiety that can have an adverse effect on your performance, specifically in some impersonal and not so clean surroundings.

Taking an online proctored exam is the best way to avoid such complications as it grants you the ability to appear for the exam wherever you want and at whatever time you like. However, there are certain discretions that you need to consider before thinking of availing for an online proctored exam.

1). Equipment: In order to give an online proctored test, make sure you have a suitable PC that has a camera and a microphone. Also, avail for an internet bandwidth with a decent speed. Online proctors always check before the exam whether you attain the correct hardware or not. So either borrow or purchase the required equipment on time.

2). Scheduling: Though the point of taking an online examination is that you can choose a time and place that is convenient for you, it is still essential for a live proctor to be available on the other side of the connection to monitor you. And there is a possibility for the proctor to not be free at the time you want to take the exam. So there is a need for you to focus on scheduling as a few time slots might not be vacant.

3). Location: You should find a silent and secluded room to take the exam. This is required to avoid any allegations related to cheating, so it is necessary to ensure that no one else is present in the same room as you. If by any chance, no room in the home is accessible to you, in that case, try to reserve a study room in your local library. You can also opt for a conference room in a hotel or perhaps an empty office at your workplace.

In a case where you decide to take the exam at home, do not allow pets or children anywhere close to the exam area. Also, inform all your family members that you will be totally passive and unavailable for that particular duration of time.

Other considerations

First, never install new software or any updates on the day of the exam. Second, make sure that your laptop is connected to a power source throughout the exam session. And lastly, clean up your desk properly where you plan to take the test as no cheating material or loose papers should be lying around that can cause any sort of embarrassment for you.


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