In today’s world, making your strong online presence is very important. This is the era of the internet where people of every niche are there. So, to grow your business you need to connect with these people. Now, the question here is how to connect?

Your website is your online presence. It can help you in making your business successful. It will connect you with the people of your niche.


Website design is not just about creativity. Nor it is just about marketability.  Every website must meet the clients need, designer’s concept and existing trends. It has a direct link to the visual aspects of a website. Effective designing is necessary to communicate ideas effectively.

A website designer uses their creative skills and technical abilities to design a user-friendly website. This is among the most exciting and desirable career path today. There are plenty of job vacancies in website designing. All you need is to develop your skills. This job can provide you the facility to work from home. Once you gain experience, you can also start your own business. In order to be a successful website designer, you need to be creative, hard-working and motivated. So, here in this article, I am going to explain how to start your career as a website designer.

A website designer creates the look, layout, and features of a website. The specific skills a designer need include both graphics and programmer-based platform knowledge.

Let’s start with the responsibilities.

  • It is the responsibilities of a designer to apply current design techniques and trends. Good visual, user-friendly and responsive website plays an important role in any company.
  • They should cooperate with the web development teams or managers for keeping the site up-to-date.
  • Managing images and videos are also an important work of a designer.
  • Developing a website is a great responsibility because the content is the soul of a webpage or a website. A designer has to look after that also.

  • A candidate in this profile should possess a bachelor degree in computer science along with the following skills:
  • Hypertext Markup Language 5 (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSSC 3)
  • JavaScript (JS)
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Flash

  • Website designing is an integral part of the today’s IT industry. So, the career opportunities are bright in this course.

Software Industry

The role of a website designer is important in almost all companies. Reputed MNCs like Oracle, Amazon, IBM, Monster etc. hire a designer for maintaining their websites.


If you have done the full-time course in this field, then you can maintain an advertising agency.


Once gaining experience you can start your own business.


Once you complete this course and have a good understanding of skills, then you can also start your career as a freelancer. You have to complete the task on hourly or fixed price bases. When you start working as a freelancer, then there is no need to go to office daily or to follow a 9-5 hectic schedule. You can work as per your comfort zone. You can take projects either online or offline by visiting a client office. There are various online bidding sites like UpWork, Elance, Freelance etc. from where you can grab your projects on per hour basis.


The average salary for a designer is PHP 292,774 per annum.  It increases as you gain experience because experience strongly influences this job. So, this was all about a website designer job.

There are various job portals which are updated with the latest job vacancies in this profile. One of the famous among them is Monster Philippines. It is the leading job portal in the Philippines which offer employers and job seekers a platform to connect. You can begin your job hunt by uploading your updated resume on the portal.

Author Bio:

Pragyan Prabha is a passionate content writer who writes articles related to jobs and career opportunities in various profile. When not writing, she loves exploring the tourist attractions.


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